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OUR MISSION is to optimize, increase and maximize potential for organizations participating in specialty license plate programs by providing the highest quality services, competitive creativity and flair in the most cost-effective manner and to the highest professional and technological level.

Those who invest in marketing during a recession increase sales by 256% over those who cut back.

Florida Specialty license plates support a variety of causes and organizations. Each specialty plate has a unique design relevant to the cause or organization it supports. Specialty license plates are available to any owner or lessee of a motor vehicle who is willing to pay an annual use fee for the privilege. In Florida, sales of specialty license plates generated over $30 million in annual use fee revenues during the 2010 Fiscal Year (July 2009-June 2010) and over $8 million in additional state fees.

Since the program’s inception, the DHSMV has collected annual use fees for the specialty plates totaling more than $480 million.

Annual use fees range from $15 to $25, paid in addition to the required vehicle registration fees, and are collected by the county Tax Collectors and then distributed by the Department of Revenue directly to the organization in support of the particular cause or charity signified in the plate’s design and designated in statute.

Invest your marketing dollars in programs that will get you the highest return on investment. Marketing trends are shifting and unless you stay current, you will get lost in the shuffle.

Success does not happen accidentally.

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